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What is “cash only” Care and How Does it Work?

cash only services for healthcare

 “I’m scared to leave the conventional model, how does “cash only” care really work?”

At Table Health, we value transparency, authenticity, and value and pride ourselves on upholding these values for each of our members.

We understand that stepping away from the conventional model of care – insurance, copay, deductibles, wait times, unexpected bills, rushed appointments, prior authorizations, and hidden fees – is hard. But, we have all been doing this dance for a long time. Everyone knows it and we all just grit our teeth and get through it. But why? Isn’t it time for a change? 

The conventional model of care has burned out both providers and patients. It’s broken. But luckily there is a movement of medical professionals who are saying “No!” to the conventional model and saying “Heck yeah!” to a “cash only” (meaning no insurance accepted) model of care. One of these types of care is called Direct Primary Care (DPC).

Without the hassle of fighting insurance companies for fair pay, these DPC providers are able to spend the quality time they desire with patients, getting to know them on a whole new level.  

You yourself might be feeling like some of our once timid members, you might be nervous about how these “cash only” services work. 

You may worry that if you join a DPC membership it won’t cover an unexpected visit, that there are hidden fees, or that it’s too expensive to have both Direct Primary Care and Insurance. Or you might also have a lot of fear and trepidation with the thought of getting rid of insurance altogether. We get it. With the cost of health care rising it feels like your only option is to stick with the known model, high-cost low-value conventional health insurance. 

But Direct Primary Care along with other “cash only” services like Sedera are changing the way we take care of patients by offering high-value, affordable health care. 

At Table Health we encourage you to explore this “cash only” medical model of care. You might be surprised to hear that being involved in your medical care can be both empowering and rewarding. For example, when you choose the DPC model you are in the driver’s seat. You get the freedom to choose your own provider, which allows you to find someone who aligns with your values and your budget.

In a DPC you have unlimited access to your provider, which allows for a more personal approach with your doctor. At Table Health like many other DPC’s, we provide the additional benefit of discounted labs, medications, and in-house procedures. 

One way to test the “cash only” waters is to sign up for a DPC membership along with your high deductible health insurance. With most high deductible plans most of your primary care needs are not a covered service so pairing the DPC membership with insurance makes perfect sense. 

Direct Primary Care

For example, if you are ready to jump from the insurance ship all together then you can try another form of “cash only” healthcare by working with a medical cost-sharing group like Sedera

Medical cost-sharing is a peer-to-peer sharing of large, unexpected medical costs through a membership-based community. Different from faith-based ministry sharing communities where there are undefined limitations, Sedera is a not-for-profit community that offers an innovative, non-insurance approach to managing large healthcare costs. As a not-for-profit organization, Sedera is focused on serving its members and carrying out its community-centric mission. 

When you pair your DPC with Sedera you reduce the cost of doctor visit bills, hidden fees, unexpected Urgent Care or ER bills, and increase your chance for better health. 

If you are sick and tired of the conventional model of healthcare, we would love the opportunity to talk with you. We promise to be transparent, authentic and show you the value we can bring. 

To learn more about how Table Health is redefining healthcare through our Direct Primary Care membership click here. To learn more about how Sedera is supporting a new way of taking care of unexpected medical needs click here