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Frequently Asked Questions

Hate to wait? Give us a call right now at 231-333-1331.

Table Health members please send any health-related messages through the patient portal.

FAQ: Do you accept Insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid?
No. At Table Health, our mission is to redefine healthcare with transparency, authenticity, and value. We give you the time, energy, and medical advice that is right for YOU without being influenced by insurance companies and their systems of reimbursement.

We can, however, work with your insurance for services outside our office, and we excel at plan navigation to help you find high value services that work with your plan.

You may choose to use your insurance for labs drawn here at Table Health, medications from your approved pharmacy, and for referrals outside of Table Health such as radiology, health screenings, and other outpatient care such as Physical Therapy.

We are transparent about the cost of all of our services and memberships and you will know what you are paying BEFORE your appointment.
We do not provide superbills to get reimbursement from your insurance or cost-sharing plan carriers.

Payment is due at the time of service. HSA and FSA accounts are accepted.
We do not accept Medicare and Medicaid. If you would like to be seen by any of our providers and have Medicare or Medicaid, please call the office for more details.

If you do not have insurance and are interested in working with a Health Share Community please read more here.

FAQ: What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?
DPC, an affordable membership-based healthcare model that does not require or bill insurance, has seen rapid growth across the U.S. in the past few years. Table Health is the first to offer these services in Northern Michigan.

FAQ: How Does DPC Work?
Table Health DPC patients/members pay their physician/practice directly with a monthly fee. This fee is for all of your doctor’s primary care services such as routine exams, visits for chronic, new, or urgent health issues, in office tests and procedures, consults, care coordination, and comprehensive care management.

FAQ: Is DPC membership insurance?
No, DPC is not insurance. DPC is a payment model where periodic fees are the way you pay your doctor for his or her services. The fee pays for all appointments, procedures, and the doctor’s availability when you need care. The ‘Direct’ in Direct Primary Care means the financial relationship is directly between you and your primary care doctor. We definitely encourage all of our members to have insurance or medical cost sharing arrangement in place for unexpected large needs like accidents, injuries, or major health crises that require care outside of our office. If you need help with this part of your healthcare, let us know.

FAQ: Will you prescribe medication?
Yes. While our physicians are dedicated to optimizing health through the use of data-supported non-pharmaceutical treatments including nutrition, movement, stress management, behavioral health, and more, they also recognize that there are appropriate uses of prescription medication and can initiate and manage these
.Table Health does not prescribe opioids for chronic pain – we are dedicated to determining the root cause of your pain and treating it comprehensively. If these medications are deemed necessary, you will be referred to a pain management specialist.

FAQ: What is Functional Medicine?
Functional Medicine is a systems and biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. At Table Health, we take a deep look at your personal health history, current symptoms, and if needed, more in depth testing in a way that seeks to identify the root cause of symptoms and chronic or repetitive illness.

FAQ: Do all physicians at Table Health practice Functional Medicine?
No. While all physicians at Table Health are well versed in data supported, non-pharmaceutical treatments and do address the whole person with longer appointments and lifestyle recommendations, not all of our physicians practice functional medicine, which is a distinct approach requiring specific training.

FAQ: What does a health coach do?
Sometimes, making changes in your health habits can be overwhelming. A health coach is someone who can help you understand and implement the plan you and your physician have designed for your optimal health. Recognizing that individuals and families often need encouragement, support, accountability, and guidance after the doctor’s appointment in order to truly achieve their goals, Table has its own health coaches, who work along with your physician, to help you navigate the details and stay on course.

FAQ: What is a direct pay lab service?
Table Health has an onsite phlebotomy and lab ordering service. Prices are transparent and low cost, at wholesale. Paying directly for labs at Table Health is advantageous if you have a high deductible insurance plan (where few laboratory studies are covered), you do not have insurance, or you simply want to support a transparent, low-cost way to pay for lab services. You do have the option of paying for lab tests with your insurance, HSA or FSA account. Paying less via direct pay lab services is a good way to optimize your health savings account dollars. If you prefer to pay directly for labs ordered by your health provider, bring the list of labs and contact information of your health provider and enjoy a straightforward experience. We will share the cost of each lab BEFORE we order the test. The results will be available to you via the portal or sent to your ordering practitioner if outside of Table Health. Direct pay lab services allow us to provide routine labs at wholesale prices and also provide testing that is not always available at other facilities.

FAQ: Do I have to be a member to book an appointment or to sign up for an event?
No, you do not! We offer many services as individual appointments, and we offer complimentary meet-and-greet appointments with all our physicians and clinicians so you can decide if Table Health is right for you. (No diagnosis or treatment at meet-and-greets.). Our events and online courses are also open to the public and are a great introduction to Table Health offerings.

FAQ: Why the name Table Health?
The meaning behind the name “Table Health”reflects our philosophy on patient care. President and co-founder, Jill Butryn, MD shares more in this blog post.

FAQ: Who do you work with?
Most of our patients are looking for more transparency, accessibility, and respect in their healthcare experiences, and more time with their doctors to really be seen and heard. They tend to be more proactive about their health and see the value in direct care.

In addition to working with individuals and families in our community, we work with employers of all sizes. Employers we work with want to provide meaningful health benefits to their employees, but conventional insurance plans are very costly to both the employer and their employees. DPC allows employers to provide a data supported primary care solution that not only makes employees very happy, but also reduces downstream costs.

FAQ: Do you provide virtual and onsite services?
Of course! We were providing telehealth long before it became popular, and our physicians are known to do house calls when the situation calls for it. We are also capable of providing virtual + onsite services to employer groups and work hard to provide unparalleled primary care access employers with multiple locations.

FAQ: How do you work with employers?
That depends on the employer. We work with employers of all sizes, from very small local businesses to very large self funded businesses with multiple locations. We are committed to addressing the specific needs of each of the companies we work with, rather than a one-size fits all approach, so we gather information before arriving on the method of care delivery. From brick and mortar, to onsite/near site, to virtual, we are nimble in our approach to providing the services each company needs.

FAQ: Do you provide DOT services?
We do. We are certified to provide DOT exams and drug and alcohol testing to help regulated individuals and their employers comply with regulations. We act as C/TPA for the employers we work with, providing all categories of testing and documentation.

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