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Functional Medicine: Root Cause Healing

Functional medicine is a whole person, patient-centered approach to health care that seeks to identify the underlying root cause of health conditions and disease. 

Driven by developing a long-term relationship between the healthcare provider and patient, functional medicine focuses on the underlying cause of disease rather than symptoms alone. For example, it may focus on stress management or diet to remedy gut dysfunction rather than prescriptions that provide short-term comfort.

Functional Medicine Services and Appointments

Functional Medicine Appointment 
  • New Patient, 90 Minute: $400
  • Established patient/follow-up, 60 Minute: $250
  • Established patient/follow-up, 30 Minute: $150

Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT) Appointment
Dr. Stoecker only

  • New Patient: $150
  • Follow-Up: $100

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*A Table Health membership is not needed to schedule a Functional Medicine appointment or wellness session. 

Table Health floral site icon

Functional Medicine Physicians

Table Health Functional Medicine physicians utilize a variety of in-depth testing including Genova Diagnostics, Hakala Labs, Great Plains, Dutch, Cyrex Labs, and more, to assess nutrient imbalances, gut health/function, heavy metal toxicity, mold, hormone health, and more. Tests are not included with any service and are paid for by the patient.

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