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In addition to Primary Care and Functional Medicine, Table Health offers the following Wellness Services​ via membership or individual, à la carte appointments.



Direct Primary Care for Individuals & Families
$ 30-92 Monthly Membership
  • Annual Health Assessment
  • Unlimited Primary Care Medical Visits - new symptoms, follow-ups on old diagnosis and sick visits
  • Common In-Office Procedures
  • Commonly Prescribed Medications
  • Discounted Rates on All Labs
  • Lab Draw Fee: $10
  • 10% off Table Health Market
  • Age 0-18 = $30-$47/Mo.
  • Age 19-39 = $52/Mo.
  • Age 40-64 = $72/Mo.
  • Age 65+ = $92/Mo.


Affordable Self-Care Support for Health Maintenance
$ 85 Monthly Membership
  • One wellness visit per month: Bodywork/Massage or Nutrition
  • 10% off Table Market
  • 10% off Events
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Wellness Appointments and Sessions

No Membership Needed


60 Minute Nutrition Consult: $110
For new clients, established clients, and follow-up visits

60 Minute Cooking Class: $130 + $25 food charge
For new clients, established clients, and follow-up visits


4-Visit Nutrition Package
4, 60-minute nutrition visits and one cooking class: $462

8-Visit Nutrition Package
8, 60-minute nutrition visits: $792


90 Minute Session: $145
60 Minute Session: $100
45 Minute Session: $85


4-Visit Bodywork Packages
4, 60-minute Bodywork Sessions: $380
4, 90-minute Bodywork Sessions: $551

8-Visit Bodywork Packages
8, 60-minute Bodywork Sessions:  $720
8, 90-minute Bodywork Sessions: $1044

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75-minute grocery store visit (any Traverse City store of your choice).  Together, we explore each food section to discuss the best food choices for you. 

    • Look at packaged foods and frozen items and compare labels and ingredients
    • Selecting meats, fish, dairy, eggs, or plant proteins to meet your needs
    • Explore new foods that you may want to try
    • Address questions about food additives, health claims on the labels
    • Find kid-friendly healthy snacks
    • Discuss portable lunch ideas
    • Find ways to save money and maximize your grocery budget
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Functional Medicine Appointments

With a focus on restoration and maintenance of health through nutrition, bodywork, mental wellness, and the use of expanded lab testing and diagnostic techniques, our board certified physicians and accredited practitioners trained in functional medicine treat the root cause, not just symptoms, so you can heal. 

*A Table Health membership is not needed to schedule a Functional Medicine appointment.

Working with a Functional Medicine Provider
Schedule a Functional Medicine Assessment with Dr. Jennifer Lyon or Dr. Andrea Stoecker
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What Makes Table Health Different

It’s your health, we’ll help you take charge with a customized plan for healing.

Table Health one time functional medicine health assessment

We’ll Listen to Your Story

On your initial visit, you will have the physician’s undivided attention, and your story will be heard – where you came from, who you are today, and where you would like to go. Our appointments are longer and truly focused on you, honoring an authentic patient-doctor relationship.

Table Health memberships offer a custom plan for healing

Create a Plan

Together you will create a detailed plan using our team of professionals, workshops, and classes that guide and support you in reaching your goals. It’s time for you to write your health story. What kind of legacy do you want to leave?

Wellness membership includes nutrition one-on-one with Registered Dietitian

Support your Transformation

From the moment you arrive, you will be supported. Our membership based model ensures you have increased access to your doctor. No waiting, no co-pay, no hassles. Our team of onsite, highly trained medical professionals are available to bring ease and clarity to your program, guide you through the challenges, high five you when you win, and motivate you to reach your full potential.

From my very first appointment I felt like I was in good hands and that they truly cared about me. They have worked with me to find the root cause of my health issues so that I can truly heal.


Table Health Patient

Simple Steps to Optimal Health

10 Steps You Can Take Now to Feel Your Best and Reach Your Optimal Health.


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