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Table Health is a Medical Practice Offering Primary Care, Functional Medicine, and Wellness Services with Locations in Traverse City and Petoskey

Our medical team includes board-certified family physicians and accredited practitioners trained in functional medicine, health coaching, nutrition, bodywork, and advanced testing to help you transform your health through transparency, authenticity, and value for the individual, family, and company.

Meet Our Doctors and Practitioners

Amy Bodnarchuk headshot (1)

Amy Bodnarchuk, MD


I am a board-certified Internal Medicine physician and thrilled to merge my expertise with the philosophy of direct primary care. With a commitment to holistic, evidence- based, and individualized healthcare, it’s my goal to redefine the patient-physician relationship, placing emphasis on proactive wellness and personalized attention. I bring over a decade of experience to adults in all stages of their wellness journey.

Jennifer Lyon, DO


I am a board-certified family practice physician with a passion for nutrition and its ability to heal and prevent disease. My functional medicine approach treats the root cause rather than just your symptoms. I value the opportunity to take the time to sit down with you and learn your health story. With access to onsite lab support, nutrition experts and movement specialists I can provide individualized care based on your past and present exposures, experiences, and genetic tendencies to help you achieve optimal health.

Traverse City doctor, Andrea Stoecker, DO

Andrea Stoecker, DO


My passion is helping people heal, to put it simply, and that often means something different for everyone. As a board certified osteopathic family physician, I am able to help the body achieve balance through a full range of primary care needs as well as Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT).  As a doctor trained in functional medicine, I listen to each patient’s story to determine the root cause of their symptoms. I consider the whole person, and use an integrative approach to determine their path toward healing. Learn more about Dr. Stoecker.

Vince WinklerPrins, MD, FAAFP


As a board-certified family physician, my driving interest is to serve. I believe I listen well and work hard to get to know and understand your needs, quirks, and preferences. The Direct Primary Care model and my approach offer opportunities for me to work more closely with my patients. Learn more about Dr. WinklerPrins.

Ali Fitzgibbon, LMSW

Ali Fitzgibbon, LMSW

I am a compassionate and experienced mental health therapist who takes a holistic approach to supporting clients. With over 20 years of diverse experience, working in various capacities, this has given me a deep understanding of the complex challenges individuals and families face. I am passionate about advocating for improved access to quality mental health care. I am excited to support Table Health clients on their journeys toward greater self-awareness, healing and overall well being.
Joanna Heinz, LPC, CAADC ​

Joanna Heinz, LPC, CAADC

I am a licensed therapist passionate about DBT, CBT, and holistic wellbeing, my practice aligns perfectly with Table Health’s mission to redefine healthcare. I provide clients with evidence-based tools for lasting life change in a warm, accepting environment.True health and wellness come from caring for our whole selves – nurturing both our minds and bodies, since our mental and physical well-being are deeply interconnected. By empowering individuals with coping strategies and self-care practices, I am excited to be a part of changing how we approach mental and physical health for comprehensive healing.
Certified Practitioner, Carol Bell, MS LMT, RD

Carol Bell, MS RD, LMT


I apply food strategies and use massage and bodywork techniques to treat the root cause of your health condition. By offering reassurance and guidance to make food and dietary changes I can help you transform your body and mind. Through the integration of massage, trigger point therapy, Craniosacral therapy (CST), visceral manipulation, and visualization, I will support you in reaching optimal health.

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We are on a mission to redefine healthcare.
We believe that…

Each person is unique and biodynamic. A single approach to food, lifestyle, medicine, or relationship will not work for all. We are not dogmatic to one medical or wellness approach, one way of eating, or one type of teaching style.

It takes a collective to find health. No one person will cure all. There is no room for ego as a healing representative

Evidence-based, unbiased, scientific research and clinical observations guide us.

Empowering growth through learning and continuing education, and by questioning the status quo to become the leaders of our disciplines which results in better healthcare for the community.

Table Health holds a unique position in the community, and we are honored to be leaders in the areas of health and health education for practitioners, businesses, and individuals.

Applying the principles of profound thought leaders to internally and externally enhance our interactions in the workplace, with our clients, and throughout our community.

Healthcare can be accessible, transparent, and cost effective.

Table Health is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals seeking care. We firmly believe in treating every person with dignity, respect, and compassion, regardless of their race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, size, disability, age, marital status, or political beliefs. We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable discussing their health concerns and receiving the highest standard of care. We understand that each individual is unique, and we are dedicated to tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of our diverse patient population.

Jill Butryn, Table Health founder and President

Jill Butryn, MD


I provide a platform for creating change in healthcare, unencumbered by barriers inherent in the current model of healthcare delivery.  Combining medical practice with experience in healthcare administration and business, I facilitate an ethical, transparent, and high-value model focused on enhancing the experience of our members and practitioners and decreasing costs.


Stephanie, Member Experience Ambassador

Stephanie Charvoz

practice manager

I am passionate about ensuring a meaningful experience for our members and clients. I want to make sure you feel seen, heard, and valued at Table Health. Working as the patient’s advocate, I assist with getting started at Table Health and following through on the doctor’s plan. I also oversee the Table Health market, selecting an inventory of physician-grade supplements and products that support your optimal health.

818 Red Dr. Suite 100
Traverse City, MI 49684
(P) 231-333-1331
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3890 Charlevoix Ave. Suite 307
Petoskey, MI 49770
(P) 231-360-2496
(F) 231-259-1001