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Cook, Eat, Connect: A Trio of Cooking Classes

Chef Loghan Call

Hello friends!

Chef Loghan here, I just wanted to take a moment to share how excited I am to be bringing in-person cooking classes back into the Table Health space.


March is a fantastic month to do so, the changing of the seasons is just around the corner and I know that so many of us are itching to engage with the community and connect again.

In celebration, we are bringing you three of my most popular classes back-to-back-to-back in March!

Taco Party
Thursday, March 10 at 6PM $35 Sign-Up Today!

Sushi Party
Thursday, March 17 at 6PM $45 Sign-Up Today!

Ramen Party
Thursday, March 24 at 6PM $35 Sign-Up Today!

All three classes are equal parts cooking class, dinner (there is always plenty to eat!) and community connection.

It’s an opportunity to learn how to make delicious sushi, ramen and tacos…but also the opportunity to gather in a beautiful space and enjoy some delicious and healthy food with the community.

As always, my classes are designed to teach you the fundamental building blocks of flavor in relation to each theme.

With each class, I aim to help give you the tools to cook in the kitchen without needing to rely too heavily on recipes so that you can easily adapt your cooking to your needs and desires.

The goal is to ensure that cooking is an enjoyable and fun experience!

So grab a partner, some friends, your kids…whomever you’d love to share the act and art of cooking with and I’ll see you soon in March!

Learn more about Chef Logan and Planted Cuisine, his visionary vegan food initiatives, rooted in nutrition and sustainability.

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