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The Care Your Employees Deserve

Direct Primary Care (DPC): No barriers for employees and their families to get the care they need, when they need it

No copay

No deductible

No waiting for appointments

Onsite, near site, virtual options

24x7 connection to care team = fewer ER visits

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Comprehensive Primary Care for Your Employees

complete care for workforce

Employers depend on and care about their employees, but many are functionally uninsured due to high deductibles. DPC offers no copay or deductible, and provides accessible, 24×7 high-quality primary care, addressing this gap in coverage.

Robust, primary care for all ages

Occupational health and DOT services

Mental health

In-house labs and medications

Population health

Conscientious, high quality referrals to high value providers and facilities when needed

Benefits for Employers

Eliminates 80% of claims, EOBs, and balance bills

DPC-centered health plans have proven to decrease the overall cost of the plan*
*Milliman Study 2020

Robust HIPAA-compliant EHR and data integration

Data reporting and analytics identify high-risk members

Transparent and predictable PPM

Services available in multiple states for business with employees in multiple locations

Same-day and next-day appointments instead of waiting
24×7 availability for urgent needs
Virtual options

We work with all kinds of businesses, from micro or self-employed situations to large self-employed businesses, and everything in between

Standalone primary care services to add to HDHP or health share; or part of a comprehensive, compliant plan 

Creative solutions to fix the current problem of rising costs

Affordable and meaningful benefit for both employees and employers aids recruitment and retention

Identify the needs of your workforce

Choose the right plan for your organization

Enrollment is attended by the care team, establishing relationships with employees for an easy signup process

Monitor and maximize engagement, outcomes, population health, member experience, and cost savings 

Breaking Down the Burden: America's Health Care Cost Challenges*
Percent of insured adults worry about affording their deductible before insurance kicks in
Percent of adults have debt due to healthcare costs
Percent of insured adults of working age have difficulty affording healthcare costs

Higher-Quality, Relationship-Based Care

Our physicians practice thorough, patient-centered medicine with smaller patient panels fostering personal connections with each individual. From routine annual physicals to acute care, managing complex chronic conditions, and everything in between, your primary care physician is there for every aspect of your health journey. 

Smaller patient panels means more time per patient and more accessible

Less stressed, more focused approach to your health

More time and energy to maintain up-to-date medical education

Well versed in employer sponsored healthcare, your plan design, and cost management

Relationship-based care instead of transactional, ensures patients feel seen and heard, as well as receiving high quality, science-based medical care

Unencumbered by limits and requirements imposed by insurance billing

Part of the solution to redefine healthcare

We don’t engage in insurance, but we partner with experts to craft tailored, cost-effective, and compliant healthcare benefits plans.

Dr. Vince WinklerPrins Primary Care Physician in Petoskey, Michigan

Direct Primary Care: The Solution to Excel in the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare

Improved Patient Experience

Population Health

Lower Costs

Care Team Well-being

Membership-based Direct Primary Care for ALL sizes of employer groups.

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