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Five Tips For A Successful Appointment

Tips to make the most out of your Table Health appointment.

One of the major benefits of a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice is spending more time with your doctor. Considering the average primary care doctor in America spends only about 20 minutes* per year with each patient, that’s not very much time to fully understand where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go when it comes to your personal health and wellbeing.

If you’re used to this conventional medical setting, you might be surprised by your first appointment at Table Health because there is no waiting and an effort is made to make you feel at ease so you can be comfortable asking questions and addressing any health concerns you may have.

At Table Health, your appointments are not rushed. There is enough time for physical exams and/or medical consults, exploration of your health history as well as addressing your current health concerns and how perhaps lifestyle and nutrition fit into your overall personal health and wellbeing. 

This approach is key in facilitating the growth of a collaborative, patient-centered relationship, a core value of Table Health’s mission to Redefine Healthcare.

Your first visit with your Table Health medical provider is a starting point to take control of your physical, emotional, and relational well-being and create a plan toward optimal health.

It is a top priority for your provider to make sure you feel seen, heard, and understand your plan for healing and/or maintaining quality personal health. This includes some preparation and planning prior to your appointment.

Five Tips For A Successful Appointment

1. Review and Upload Paperwork Prior to your visit
You will receive via email access to your Patient Portal and a series of electronic questionnaires regarding your health history/medical history (health history may include family, personal, and social), if applicable, blood work, lab results, etc.

2. Vitamins & Supplements
If you are taking vitamins or supplements, please enter them into the portal under “My Supplements” before your visit.

3. Health Concerns
Make note of any specific questions you want to ask your doctor and be honest so the best treatments can be discussed.

4. Outcomes
What is the outcome you want? Be as specific as possible. It’s also ok if you don’t know yet. Sometimes a discussion with a medical provider helps to clarify your goals.

5. Types of Appointments and Additional Preparation Tips

Nutrition Wellness:

  • Submit a 3 day diet record from within the past few weeks. It helps the provider understand food preferences, meal timing, appetite, potential nutrient deficiencies, digestion or elimination concerns, sleep patterns, energy levels, or mood influences.
  • If you have questions about specific foods, feel free to bring in any food labels or pictures of labels.• Pictures of your meals are great too


Bodywork Wellness:

  • Wear proper clothing; some types of bodywork, like CranioSacral Therapy, are performed with the client fully clothed. Plan to bring or wear loose, comfortable clothing that moves easily.
  • Do not wear jewelry, perfume, belts, jeans or clothing with many heavy seams and pockets. Ideally athletic wear like t-shirts (long or short sleeves), yoga pants, exercise pants or shorts are best.
  • Avoid large meals just prior to a session. A light snack is fine. Give larger meals 1-2 hours to digest prior to a session.


Functional Medicine:

  • In order to create a health plan that works for your individual health goals, expect to take a deep dive into your health history to create a timeline that goes from birth until the present.


Each visit with your Table Health medical provider is an opportunity to learn, ask questions, and work toward reaching your optimal health goals. Knowing what to expect and planning ahead can make each visit even more efficient and maximize your health benefits.


*Source: Irving G, Neves AL, Dambha-Miller H, et al International variations in primary care physician consultation time: a systematic review of 67 countries BMJ Open 2017;7:e017902. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-017902