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Table Health Welcomes Amy Bodnarchuk, MD to the Petoskey Direct Primary Care Team

Table Health, a leading Direct Primary Care (DPC) medical practice in northern Michigan, proudly announces the addition of Amy Bodnarchuk, MD to its esteemed Petoskey Direct Primary Care team. Dr. Bodnarchuk, a seasoned board-certified Internal Medicine physician, brings over a decade of invaluable experience and a patient-centered ethos to Table Health’s commitment to delivering exceptional, personalized healthcare.

Dr. Bodnarchuk’s journey to Table Health is propelled by her dedication to redefine the patient-physician relationship, with a focus on proactive wellness and personalized attention.

“I am thrilled to be joining Table Health, where the direct primary care model fosters a deeper connection between patients and physicians. Longer appointments allow us to delve deep into our patients’ lives, gaining a comprehensive understanding that enables us to tackle underlying issues effectively and collaboratively devise personalized care plans,” expressed Dr. Bodnarchuk.

Dr. Bodnarchuk’s holistic approach is seamlessly aligned with Table Health’s core values, delivering authentic, transparent, and value-driven care that prioritizes strong patient-provider relationships.

Table Health’s DPC memberships offer a refreshing departure from conventional healthcare practices. Members benefit from comprehensive primary care services such as annual health assessments, chronic disease management, and diagnosis and treatment of new issues. This membership structure eliminates the complexities of insurance billing, ensuring a streamlined and patient-centric experience characterized by access to your own doctor.

Dr. WinklerPrins, a family physician with the practice, remarked, “I’m grateful to welcome Dr. Bodnarchuk to our Petoskey team. Her extensive experience and commitment to individualized care are in perfect harmony with Table Health’s mission to redefine healthcare delivery.”

About Dr. Bodnarchuk:
Dr. Bodnarchuk is a board-certified internal medicine physician and a dedicated Direct Primary Care (DPC) physician at Table Health in Petoskey. She obtained her medical degree from University College Cork in Ireland and has since pursued her passion for holistic, evidence-based, and personalized patient care. With more than a decade of experience including as Chief Medical Resident at Baystate Medical Center Tufts School of Medicine in Massachusetts and as an internal medicine specialist at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, Dr. Bodnarchuk brings a wealth of expertise and compassion to her practice.

Dr. Bodnarchuk is now accepting new adult primary care patients. For more information on Table Health’s DPC membership and to schedule a complimentary 15-minute meet and greet with Dr. Bodnarchuk, visit or call 231-360-2496.