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Functional Medicine and Your Health History

  1. Your first visit to your functional medicine provider is a great starting point to take control of your physical, emotional, and relational well-being and create a plan to reach optimal health.

It is a top priority for your functional medicine provider to determine the root cause of your illness or health condition. And your health history is the most important part of this determination.

To create a health plan that works for your individual health goals, expect to take a deep dive into your health history to create a timeline that goes from birth until the present.

Because your health history can take some time, it’s suggested that before your appointment you create your own timeline

  • Draw a line that ends where you currently are in your health. Then start at the beginning (birth) and make a note with a dashed line of significant events,  “I started my menstrual cycle at 12. I had a car accident at 25, I got divorced at 32.”
  • Start this timeline project a few weeks out from your first appointment. Throughout that time allow your subconscious to recall these significant life events and make a note on your timeline.
  • This exercise will prepare you to concisely deliver your story when you sit down with your functional medicine physician.

The information you gather through your health history can help explain why your health is where it is and lead your functional medicine team toward a healing program.

Consider these common health history factors prior to your functional medicine appointment:

Health History:

You’ll be asked to start from the beginning. Starting from birth, were you a vaginal delivery or a cesarean?
Environmental/Exposure history:

  • What kind of environment did you grow up in?
  • Was there mold or radon in your home or exposure to toxins?
  • You may also be asked about trauma experience, this could be physical, sexual, or spiritual.

Family History:

  • Is there a history of autoimmune conditions in the family? Cancers?
  • What type of cancers?
  • Any viral infections?

Personal History:
Regarding infections, have you ever had mono, recurrent ear infections, or strep throat that might’ve required multiple doses of antibiotics?

Social History:

  • Do you smoke, or drink alcohol – how much?
  • What about recreational drug use?
  • In addition, what is your family setup? Are you married, or single?
  • Do you have children? How many and when did you have them?

Once you share your health history, your functional medicine team can decide what path to take and consider where you’re at currently; financially, mentally, and physically.

Table Health one time functional medicine health assessment
Make a Functional Medicine appointment today!

The speed at which you can improve your health when guided by a functional medicine provider can be much quicker because you’re truly present.

When you’re involved on a detailed and personal level in creating your health legacy, it’s possible to see improvement in a short time.

This is a result of a customized program and support on every level.

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t have all the answers to your health history. Some tests can be done for heavy metals toxicity or microbiome tests to see if you have bacterial overgrowth or other types of infections. Some tests can reveal your cortisol and hormone levels as well as tests to see if you have vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

You can look forward to your functional medicine team spending time with you, listening to your health story, and actively taking notes to identify genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors specific to you that could influence your long-term health and vitality.

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