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Meet Joanna Heinz

Joanna Heinz Blog Post

Get to know Joanna Heinz, Table Health Mental Health Telehealth Therapist, and read through our recent Q/A where she shares about her role at Table Health and some areas of her personal and professional life.

Joanna Heinz is a licensed professional counselor in the states of Michigan and Ohio. She is a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor (CAADC) and utilizes Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) skills in her practice regularly.

Q. What is your area of medical expertise?
A. I’m a licensed professional counselor with a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug counselor credential and have been a therapist for 14 years.

Q. What is your role at Table Health?
A. I am a part of the new mental health membership.

Q. What are some of the symptoms you commonly treat?
A. Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, relationship issues, codependence, family members who live with addiction

Q. What does a typical visit look like with you?
A. My goal is that you end each session with deeper self-insight and new coping skills to manage life’s challenges. I blend the most effective therapeutic models – CBT, DBT, and elements of positive psychology customizing evidence-based tools to fit your unique situation.

You will learn new skills and develop strategies to be more effective in your life within a warm, validating therapeutic relationship where you can feel truly understood and heard.

Q. How do you treat and care for your patients?
A. I treat and care for my clients with deep respect, recognizing that they are the true experts of their own lives. My role is to provide a compassionate space for self-exploration while equipping them with evidence-based skills and strategies to achieve positive change.

Q. What makes your approach to health different?
A. What makes my approach to health unique is the emphasis on both insight and practical application. While self-awareness is invaluable, I believe new coping skills are essential for lasting growth. My clients are the ones with the inherent strengths and wisdom to change what they desire in their lives – I’m simply the guide.

Q. What health trends excite you the most?
A. One health trend that excites me is the increasing recognition of the mind-body connection. Our mental and physical wellbeing are inextricably linked.

Q. Who do you follow in the medical, mental health/wellness community? Why?
A. In the mental health/wellness community, I’m inspired by pioneers like Brené Brown, Marsha Linehan, and Jon Kabat-Zinn. Their work dives deep into our core issues, provides tangible tools for new ways of being, and highlights the power of present moment awareness.

Q. How do you spend your free time?
A. In my free time, you’ll find me reading, writing, enjoying the outdoors, playing with my dogs, or scouring thrift stores for hidden gems.

Q. Who inspires you?
A. My greatest inspiration stays close to home – the unconditional love and support from my family motivates me to continually grow as a person.

Q. What book did you last read?
A. Most recently, I finally read the acclaimed “Where the Crawdads Sing” and was captivated by its descriptions of nature and the great “twist” at the end.

Q. What do you love about the Traverse City area?
A. As for the Traverse City area, the summers here are simply magical with that tropical blue lake!

Q. Why did you choose this profession?
A. Ultimately, I chose this profession because of a transformative experience as an adolescent. When my parents divorced, a therapist helped me feel truly seen and understood in my pain, giving me hope that change was possible. I’m driven by the opportunity to offer that same healing experience to others on their own journeys