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Meet Ali Fitzgibbon

Ali Fitzgibbon Blog Post

Get to know Ali Fitzgibbon, Table Health Mental Health Telehealth Therapist,  and read through our recent Q/A where she shares about her role at Table Health and some areas of her personal and professional life.

Ali is a compassionate and experienced mental health therapist who takes a holistic approach to supporting clients. With over 20 years of diverse experience, working in various capacities, this has given me a deep understanding of the complex challenges individuals and families face.

Q. What is your area of mental health expertise?
A: Trauma-informed practice, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), strength based modalities and mindfulness-based interventions and strategies.

Q. What is your role at Table Health?
A: Mental Health Telehealth Therapist

Q. What are some of the symptoms you commonly treat?
A: Stress Management-Treatment for stress-related issues, including work-related stress, caregiving stress and general life stress, Anxiety, Depression, Physical/Emotional/Behavioral Symptoms related to Trauma, Life transitions and Adjustment issues

Q. What does a typical visit look like with you?
A: A telehealth session is offered within a safe, non-judgmental, virtual space that allows clients to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviors while being provided guidance and support tailored to their specific needs.

Q. How do you treat and care for your patients?
A: I believe that a supportive, trusting relationship between a therapist and a client is the foundation for growth and transformative change. I utilize active listening skills, strong sense of empathy and validation of feelings, while collaborating on a plan for positive change.

Q. What makes your approach to mental health different?
A: I take a comprehensive view of a client as a whole person. I like to explore with my clients how various aspects of their life, such as relationships, work, environment and lifestyle choices impact their overall well-being. By taking a strength-based holistic approach, I help to empower clients to cultivate their best life.

Q. What mental health trends excite you the most?
A.Integrated Care Models. There is a growing recognition of the interconnectedness of physical and mental health. As a result, integrated care models that combine mental health services with primary care or other medical services such as functional medicine are becoming more common, promoting a holistic approach to well being.

Q. Who do you follow in the medical, mental health/wellness community? Why?
A. Dr. Nadine Burke- Harris, Author of “The Deepest Well” and founder of the Center for Youth Wellness

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Author of “The Body Keeps the Score”

They offer deeper understanding of the impacts of trauma- ACES score, impacts of trauma on the body


Dr. Mary Claire Haver OBGYN-Women’s Health and Menopause-understands women’s health

Dr. Andrew Huberman– Huberman Lab PodCast

Offers insight and knowledge regarding various medical topics and wellness

Melissa Ray-Mettle and Moxie-A true inspiration for health and fitness in TC

Q.How do you spend your free time?
A. I love to explore new places, especially when I can immerse myself in the great outdoors. Whenever possible, you’ll find me hiking scenic trails, kayaking down a river or paddle boarding along West Bay. There is nothing I enjoy more than breathing in the fresh air and soaking up the sunshine.

I have a deep appreciation for art and creativity, and I love to indulge my artistic side through painting, journaling, crafting and hunting for vintage treasures. I also make it a priority to focus on my physical health through strength training and yoga.

Q.Who inspires you?
A. Everyday people who demonstrate courage, kindness or perseverance in difficult circumstances.

The heroes who help people in need even when they don’t have to. They are an inspiration to me.

Q. What book did you last read?
A. “Outlive, the Science and Art of Longevity”, Peter Attia, MD

Q.What do you love about the Traverse City area?
A. I love the lakes, the trails, the rivers, the trees, the beauty of the four seasons and the people who live here. I have lived in Traverse City since 2001 and despite the cold winter months (which are not my favorite) I stay for the sound and smells of spring. Summertime near the great lakes is special, there is nothing else like it.

Q. Why did you choose this profession?
A. Both my parents were social workers. They were and continue to be an inspiration to me, especially when I was growing up. I watched them advocate for people in need in various ways both professionally and personally. I knew at an early age that I was destined to do the same.