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Leelanau Wellness Collective Director and Wellbeing Expert, Katherine Palms

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Living with Intention

Redefining Healthcare is a community effort, and we are honored to help cultivate a healthier community by sharing helpful, relatable information and resources from our members and the local health and wellness community at large to encourage healing and personal wellbeing.

Recently, the Table Health team welcomed Wellbeing Expert and the Director of the Leelanau Wellness Collective, Katherine Palms to their team retreat. Katherine, certified in Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, and Face Yoga, led the team in a gentle practice focused on breathing, some meditation, and stretches for the back, shoulders, and hips.

Katherine has been leading wellness experiences of vision boarding, automatic writing, plant-based eating lectures and potlucks, self-care retreats, along with classes in meditation, pranayama, essential oils, yoga, mobility, and Barre in Leelanau and Traverse City for the last five years. In 2020, she was appointed the Director of the Leelanau Wellness Collective, a collective of local Leelanau County wellness professionals. Certified in Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, and Face Yoga and trained in Gravity Yoga targeted mobility practice and the Barre Technique, Katherine is also certified in plant-based nutrition and stress management consulting.

We recently caught up with Katherine to learn more and share about her areas of expertise and how she shares her approach to health and wellness with supportive community offerings and services. 

“I aim to meet any private or group session where they are,” shares Palms.  “The intention for this practice was for the women to join together in that present moment while also connecting with their breath and body with love.”

The afternoon practice focused on areas in the hips and lower back that get tight from sitting in chairs, areas in the fingers, hands, and wrists that get overuse from texting and computer work, tightness in the chest, upper back, and neck that occurs from everyday use and stress. Breath awareness and breath control as well as a guided meditation was offered to calm the mind.  

Q. What is your full name, title, and area of expertise?
A. Katherine Palms, Wellbeing Expert, focused on self-care, breath awareness, mindful movement, meditation, and nourishing foods.

Q. Do you have suggestions or specific practices that can be applied to times of uncertainty?
A. In times of uncertainty, the primary practice I suggest is learning how to watch your breath.

A pranayama practice can create a sense of calm and grounding better than any other outlet. Our breath is our greatest tool.

Other than that, getting to know yourself throughout the stages of life and what brings you joy, peace, and comfort.

In times of uncertainty, we first have to understand how to care for ourselves to then care for others from a healthy space. 

Q. How can people benefit from the offerings/practitioners at the Leelanau Wellness Collective?
A. Wellness is multi-dimensional. The collective exists to connect anyone in Leelanau County to various wellness professionals so any individual can find a wellbeing practice that suits their needs/preferences. I want to see wellbeing and taking care of ourselves easily accessed, communicated about, and appreciated.

The collective also serves as community support for collective members. Being a wellness professional can be lonely, and having others in the field to connect with, grow with, and partner with creates empowering opportunities. I am so excited about the potential for our members and Leelanau County as a whole. 

Q. How can our members/newsletter subscribers get in touch with you and/or LWC?

A. Easy, head on over to – check us out on Instagram and Facebook. We want to hear from, and be there for our community.