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Whole Woman Collective

whole woman collective

Redefining Healthcare is a community effort, and we are honored to help cultivate a healthier community by sharing helpful, relatable information and resources from our members and the local health and wellness community at large to encourage healing and personal wellbeing.

Recently, Table Health caught up with co-founders and women of The Whole Woman Collective.

Read on to learn more about their new inclusive community of women and Mind/Body/Lifestyle wellness providers to “help ALL women feel more WHOLE!”


Who are the women behind The Whole Woman Collective (TWWC) What is your full name, title, and area of expertise?

Kate Stevens, LLMSW, clinical social worker and certified yoga instructor with a background in trauma-informed care, Animal-Assisted Social Work (AASW), and mental health services for youth and families. Kate is passionate about advocacy, empowerment, and support, and believes in meeting people where they are in their respective journeys.

Katie Randazzo Erway is an NASM-certified personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist & fitness nutrition
specialist with over 12 years of experience. She is also a 200-hour registered yoga Instructor, pregnancy and
postpartum corrective exercise specialist, core and pelvic floor function coach as well as a TRX qualified
instructor. Katie’s passion is to help women feel amazing with a foundational approach to habit building and
core & pelvic floor training.

Olivia McCrillis, owner of New Routes Wellness, Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, specializing in holistic
wellness and natural healing techniques to reduce pain and improve holistic lifestyle. CAFS certified, and LSVT
BIG-Parkinson’s based therapy. With a passion to help humans invest in their health and learn to listen to their
bodies’ natural signals, Olivia strives to walk alongside her clients and help them through their movement journey.

Sarah Louisignau, The Living Pelvis, Directress – Women’s Reproductive, Sexual, & Pelvic Health –
specializing in fertility support, womb alignment, menstrual cycle healing, infradian rhythm coaching and
pelvic/abdominal bodywork. Sarah is passionate about rites of passage at reproductive thresholds like menarche, motherhood, and menopause, in reclaiming our womb wisdom and physical bodies after trauma, abuse, childbirth, and loss.

What is the goal of TWWC?
The Whole Woman Collective is growing an empowered & inclusive community of women and Mind/Body/Lifestyle wellness providers to help ALL women feel more WHOLE!

Our goal is to bring to light providers, services and topics that you need, may need, or weren’t aware you needed.

We want to provide a safe, nurturing and empowering community of other women so you never feel alone
throughout your journey and experiences.

The Whole Woman Collective strives to include providers that align with our mission and values, with humans
that have the very best intentions for your wellness at heart.

Is there an introductory exercise or reflection you can walk us through to tap into the possibilities of healing through your service and area of expertise?

Imagine the feeling next time something alarming comes up with your health, of having a local resource, filled with caring women who have been there before, who know just the right questions to ask, and who have the niche skill set to help you heal in a way that is empowering of your wholeness. This is the Whole Woman Collective.

How can individuals benefit from TWWC? Especially during times of uncertainty?

Our collective was born out of the experience of our founders, needing healing support in times of uncertainty, needing help but not knowing what help, or where to find it.

TWWC is about bringing women in the community together with the whole-woman-focused health providers who can support them on their journey.

What kind of feedback are you hearing from participants, community members?

The feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive.

  • Wellness providers are eager to connect, network, and foster a holistic health-based community.
  • Women, our participants, have expressed a desire for encompassing information, connection, and care.
  • Folks have inquired about what’s next for TWWC, and we’re all optimistic regarding future endeavors.

“I got the contacts for a lot of great providers (and connected with some I already know).

“It was refreshing to see the breadth of holistic wellness services offered in this area, especially as someone who moved here recently.”

How can our readers connect with you? Learn from you?
IG: @thewhole.womancollective