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Guide to Optimal Health

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With a focus on restoration and maintenance of health through primary care, functional medicine, nutrition, movement, and mental wellness, our team of medical practitioners share tangible tips and techniques as well as science based facts to support your quest toward optimal health. Please use the following articles to support and guide you as you create your legacy of health.

How to Achieve Optimal Health

Our health is our legacy. A seed that when nurtured can grow and continue to blossom over time. Optimal health is your complete physical, emotional, and relational well-being. It’s not just the absence or prevention of disease but taking an active role in the vitality of those parts that make up your whole. It’s feeling good in your body; a sense of freedom in your body that gives you the tools to live to your fullest. 

Your highest form of health is unique to you. It’s going to be different for everyone. It may be helpful to connect with a health coach to get clear and set some health goals.

Achieving optimal health is primarily a mindset; it’s about choosing and deciding to live with intention. A quick exercise is to ask yourself ‘what things can I do every day to reach my optimal health?’ Maybe it has to do with your eating habits, what you’re choosing to put into your body. Or perhaps you need to develop a daily stretching routine or make a date with friends.  You can create your health manifesto to guide you toward optimal health. 

Because optimal health looks and feels different for everyone, it’s important to remember you own it! Your health and taking care and control of it is your responsibility, and it has a ripple effect. When you take care of yourself you can be the best version of yourself no matter your role (partner, friend, parent, family, employee) you can connect in meaningful ways that can span generations. 

Living with the intention to make simple edits to your health can cause transformation. For example, when you change your eating habits, you’ll feel better physically and emotionally, which will change the way you think. Literally, the way your mind works and your approach to health. You’ll experience change on all levels including relational health. If you start cooking for health or moving your body more with your family or friends, you’ll create a connection of support and accountability to each other.

The steps to achieve optimal health are available and straightforward. Your biggest challenge is to decide you want to take those steps. And knowing the everlasting benefits, it’s hard to pass up. 

Make sure you reach out to functional medicine practitioners to gain support.  They will give you the tools you need to reach optimal health on a daily basis. Tools that are flexible enough to integrate so they can easily become a part of you and your life as it changes.

Vince WinklerPrins, MD, FAAFP

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