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Give Your Heart Some Love

Tips to love your heart and prevent heart disease

Heart disease remains the leading cause of preventable death. While heart disease often presents with a sudden bang, as in an acute heart attack, in reality, the process that leads to heart disease is often smoldering for years, even decades, easily evading detection.


A few Key Risk Factors to Consider:

Prevention of heart disease is rooted deeply in nutrition, lifestyle behaviors, and relationships so if you want your heart to treat you well, give it some love.

Start Small

Small changes to your lifestyle and habits can have a lasting effect on your heart health. Taking steps to be more active and to improve your diet can help to strengthen your heart. Here are a few simple changes you could make:

  • Food is Medicine
    • Emphasize whole plant-based foods 
      • Nuts, seeds, and legumes
      • Add one serving of veggies or fruit to each one of your meals.
    • Moderate amount of high-quality protein from sustainably and organically raised animals is ideal
    • Swap salt for spices
    • Steer clear of processed and fried foods, simple sugars, and refines carbs.
  • Move More
    • Daily movement, even mindful movement, protects against a ton of chronic health ailments, heart disease included. Movement improves blood circulation throughout the body, strengthens and trains heart muscle, regulates blood pressure, heart rate, and assists detox efforts.
      • Find a hobby you love and do it more often.
      • Goal: moderate to vigorous physical activity daily (≥ 30 minutes/day)
    • Add a 10-minute walk to your day.
    • Lift hand weights while watching TV
  • Limit Alcohol
    • 5-15 g/day – no more than 1 standard drink for women, 5-30 g/day – no more than 2 for men)
    • Explore alcohol-free options that are refreshing and satisfying, and hydrating
  • Stay Lean
    • Goal: keep your body mass index (18.5-24.9 kg/m2)

Schedule a Functional Medicine Appointment

Does this information surprise you? Probably not, since most of us know that we need to eat better, exercise more, not smoke and so on, the challenge seems to be adhering to this decades old advice.

So, how can one break this cycle? Find a team of health care providers that can help you overcome the obstacles that get in the way of supporting these heart healthy behaviors.

Table Health Direct Primary Care (DPC) physicians can not only support your primary care needs but have the time and additional resources to help you recognize and overcome the barriers that get in the way of adapting health promoting behaviors. 

Additionally, our providers trained in Functional Medicine can offer supportive services which can include specialized tests,  genetics designed to help you address overall lifestyle and exposures.  Reach out today, give your heart some love and allow it to love you in return with a healthier life.