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Redefining Business Priorities​

Healthcare benefits dominate budgets, making every business a healthcare provider.

Whether you like it or not, you are in the healthcare business.  Employer-sponsored healthcare is the norm for people of working age.  Why not redefine how it’s done?  It’s broken, so let’s fix it.  Together.  

The Fix?

Empower providers and patients with employer sponsored membership-based healthcare.
The employer pays an affordable monthly fee directly to the primary care physician. That fee pays for all of the care the employee or member needs, with no copay and no deductible. This model ensures no financial or time barrier to access for the member, so there is less use of higher cost services, and overall costs decrease.

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Table Health DPC Features

SAme DAy/Next Day Appointments

Unlimited visits

Dedicated team

Low Cost Labs

Clear and transparent costs

Employer Sponsored Direct Primary Care Results

Reduction in OOP costs (for preventative and primary care, $0 copay, $0 deductible)
Reduction in utilization of emergency department
Longer time with doctor (40 min. compared to 15 min. average)


Self Funded Businesses​

(>100 employees) We understand healthcare is one of your largest expenditures and top priorities. We engage in direct contracting and have partnered with a third party administrator and selected vendors who understand our mission to create comprehensive, compliant, and flexible plans that cost less. Our plans are designed to care for your employees and their families better, while decreasing costs for both them and the company.

Shared and Level Funded

(50+ employees) Having the requirement to provide healthcare to your employees but being too small to self fund without risk, you’re in a unique situation. We have many options to create a compliant plan for your unique situation, all designed to reduce risk and cost, but increase value.

Small Businesses

(<50 Employees and Self Employed) Although not required for small business owners, employees expect healthcare as a benefit, so in order to be competitive, you need to provide a healthcare plan. We’ve blended our high quality direct primary care with a cost sharing plan for catastrophic and incident coverage, which shares risk with other small businesses so your employees have access to high quality healthcare and you don’t have to pay the ever-rising cost. Let’s talk about options you probably didn’t know you had.


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