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Cold, Flu, and COVID Support & Prevention

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We are approaching that time of year where cold and flu viruses spread more easily.

And now, we have the added concern of the new coronavirus (COVID-19).  We’re sharing  functional medicine resources available to you that can help promote recovery and even assist in the prevention of cold and flu so you, your friends, and family can stay well. 


Nutrient, Homeopathic, Herbal?

Often times when it comes to supporting our body and immune system, we’re not sure where to start and there are a lot of options. But, no worries, we have you covered!


Supporting the Immune System

The immune system is complex, and many aspects of health and self care have the potential to make or break your ability to resist infection and complications that can result from infections.  Each of us start in a different place: genetics, exposures, and lifestyle choices all combine to make our immune system what it is.  While nobody can live perfectly, everyone can invest a little energy into targeting a few specific areas for maximum impact.  Here are some healthy habits to support your body:


The most well-established way to prevent respiratory infections such as influenza and coronavirus is frequent and thorough hand washing with soap and water. Scrub your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.


Stress Reduction

Chronic stress can negatively alter immune system responses, making you more likely to get sick. Identify your personal stress reduction strategies and practice them regularly.  Massage, in fact, has been shown to decrease levels of cortisol and increase activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, which acts automatically to calm the body and brain during stressSign up today and join us for our Virtual Massage for Family & Friends workshop from the comfort of your home.



Sleep has a major influence on immune function, so it is essential to get plenty of sleep, aim for 7-9 hours. Practice good sleep hygiene and maintain consistent sleep hours—turn off screens, ensure the room is cool, quiet, and dark, and set a reminder to help yourself go to bed on time.

Move Your Body

Moderate, regular physical activity helps to boost immune system function by raising levels of infection-fighting white blood cells and antibodies, increasing circulation, and decreasing stress hormones.  

Nutritious Foods


Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables—aim for 10 servings per day. Include fermented vegetables or other probiotic-containing foods.

Flu Shot 

According to the CDC, the protection provided by a flu vaccine varies from season to season and depends in part on the age and health status of the person getting the vaccine. With that said, our approach to health and healing is individualized, and we are here to support our members in their personal  health journey.