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Building a Foundation of Well-Being: The Advantages of Membership-Based Mental Health Care


At Table Health, we prioritize the needs of our community by fostering a culture of authenticity, transparency, and value. This commitment extends to our new innovative Mental Health Membership (MHM), designed to address the growing demand for accessible and affordable mental health services.

A Solution for Growing Needs
Recognizing the regional shortage of therapists coupled with the rising prevalence of mental health concerns, we created the MHM. This membership model allows us to deliver virtual high-quality, professional mental health care at a more approachable cost and with greater convenience compared to traditional therapy formats.

Building Strong Client-Clinician Relationships
Similar to other Table Health memberships, the direct care model of the MHM prioritizes both client and clinician well-being.

Aligning with the Quadruple Aim
Similar to our Direct Primary Care (DPC) model and employer-sponsored healthcare programs, the MHM aligns with the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare:

1. Improved patient experience: Care is delivered by high quality licensed and experienced clinicians who are accessible to clients in a streamlined, relationship-based model.

2. Population health: By addressing mental health concerns proactively, we contribute to overall community health.

3. Lower costs: The MHM virtual, direct care model reduces administrative burdens, leading to more cost-effective therapy delivery.

4. Care team well-being: Healthy work culture and decreased administrative burden fosters a positive work environment that promotes better care.

Understanding Mental and Behavioral Health
For clarity, it’s important to differentiate between mental health and behavioral health:
Mental health is a broader term encompassing emotional well-being and psychological issues.
Behavioral health is a term commonly used within healthcare, encompassing both mental health and substance use disorders.

Finding the Perfect Fit
When seeking mental health services, you’ll likely encounter terms like “therapist,” “counselor,” “psychologist,” or “psychiatrist,” alongside “mental health,” “therapy,” or specific concerns like “anxiety” or “depression.” The MHM connects you with the right qualified therapist who can tailor treatment to your individual needs.

Investing in Your Well-Being
At Table Health, we believe everyone deserves access to quality mental health care. The MHM offers a comprehensive and convenient solution, promoting your emotional and psychological well-being.

Contact us today to learn more about how the MHM can empower you on your journey toward a healthier you.