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Primary Membership

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Welcome to Table Health Direct Primary Care


We are grateful you have chosen to work with us.

Your membership includes:

• Annual Health Assessment

• All Your Medical Visits

• Select Medications

• Select In-Office Procedures

• Discounted Rates on All Labs

    • Lab Draw Fee: $10

• 24/7 access to your physician via virtual and in-person visits and on-line messaging.

• On-demand access to the Table Health Member Hub for movement, mindfulness & meditation video resources

Please note that OMT, Functional Assessments and follow ups, Nutrition, Health Coaching and Bodywork visits are not included in this membership.

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Please read below to learn more about your membership and how to get started.  Please give us a call or send an email with any questions.

Scheduling an appointment with your Primary Care Provider

Unless otherwise requested, you may see your provider virtually.  This will save you time and allow you to be assessed from home when you are feeling under the weather. 

We ask that when you are uncertain of which type of appointment to choose, always call or send us a message via the portal.  We will be happy to help you out. 

Please note we have a strict 48-hour cancellation policy.  If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please give us a call as soon as possible.

Requesting a visit through the online patient portal

Requesting an appointment is an easy and time saving task.  Simply log into your online portal and select the “My Appointment” icon.  Once you enter the next screen select your provider. This will then allow you to select the type of visit you need.  Here are some guidelines on scheduling your appointment. 

  • Select 15 minutes for each issue you are experiencing.  For example, upper respiratory symptoms, your usual seasonal allergies, or a sore throat would be a 15 minute virtual visit.  3 separate or new symptoms that may or may not be related, such as rash, joint pain, and hormone imbalance would be a 45-60 minute in-person appointment.
  • For anything that is a new symptom or group of symptoms please choose a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Your provider will adjust your time or reach out if they feel it necessary to do the appointment differently.
  • All medical visits are included in your membership.  If a procedure is needed, the provider’s services are included in your membership, but you may be charged a small fee for supplies or medication, depending on the procedure.  Supply costs are updated regularly, according to our cost, and posted in the office.  Call if you have any questions about supply cost prior to your appointment.

Sending portal messages to your provider(s)

Please use the patient portal for non-urgent means of communication only.  The portal is not an appropriate space to discuss new symptoms but is a space to ask clarifying questions on recent recommendations.  Portal messages are checked throughout the day Monday-Friday during business hours.  We request that you call the office and schedule a visit if you have concerns related to new symptoms.

On-call policy

As a member of our Primary Care at Table Health you have access to your primary care providers 24/7.  If you have an acute medical emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department.  If you do not have an acute medical emergency but have an urgent medical question, call the office main number right away, 231-333-1331. If it is after business hours (evening, weekend, or holiday), you will receive the phone number for your provider or the on-call provider, and you may call that number. If your medical issue is neither emergent nor urgent, and it can wait 12-24 hours, please leave a message on the office phone, use the patient portal messaging system, or call the office during the next business day to request an appointment.

Table Market

The Market offers a curated selection of clean products to support your health and lifestyle. As a Primary Member you receive 10% off all purchases in the market.  Just mention your membership at checkout to receive your discount. 


We have events every month surrounding your relational, emotional, and physical health. These events are lead by experts from Table Health and our health community. You can always find an up to date list of events at

Lab Services

As a member of Table Health any labs will be heavily reduced and incur a lab draw fee of $10.

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We have created packages to best support your health needs.  To view options or to upgrade your membership to include the Wellness Package, Table Health Assessment, click the ‘memberships’ button below.

818 Red Dr. Suite 100

Traverse City, MI 49684


(P) 231-333-1331

(F) 231-259-1001